Norway october 2005

We had to go to Norway to pick up our new male kitten north from Oslo and decided to make a small holiday of it.
It was 2 years since our last time we were in Norway and we needed to have a break too.
It was a gorgeous time...beautifull weather and a lovely little house for 5 nights at Rauland Høyfjellshotell and hytter

When you click on the photo's you can see all of them in a larger size.
morningred The hytte was situated also lovely and the view on the mountains in the morning was absolutely one off the most beautifull early morning views we have had in our live....the sun lightened up the mountain more and more
The moon was still there.... full moon , clear sky made the nights very cold and light freezing. Where that has lead to you will see in some photo's hereafter. It was cold winter as well as it was beautifull autumn weather on the same moment of the day...a very strange experience.

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On the maps you can find the roads and places mentioned. You can enlarge them by clicking on them.

Rauland hytter you see where the star is on the left map ( go from Rjukan to the south-west)

on the right map you just see Hønefoss above right
On the road 35 from Hønefoss to Hokksund I made this picture; it is the northernpart of Nordfjorden and somewhere on the other side of the water is the piece of ground (teig) Ina Selte owns and where the farm Selte was herited by her grand-grandparents.
She named her cattery after this piece of ground...Selteteigen.
The male kitten we took home after these days is Selteteigen's Runar. You can see him under "katers" on the cattery pages.

In Åmot we took road 267 to Kolsrud and from there we took a small road to Lampeland in the Numedal. It was a nice and friendly landscape and beautifull autumncolours.

On our way we saw this nice small wooden church of Vatnås. There was only this church and a farm with some old barns. It was still so warm ( on 16 october !!) that we could sit in the sun and have a lunch. How peacefull and quiet it was there.
Through Jondalen, way 35, we drove to Rjukan and further on to Raulands Høyfjellshotell where we had booked a cottage (hytte).
The next day it was beautifull sunny weather again and it stayed so till thursday. We made 3 gorgeous roundtours and enjoyed the lovely weather, the clear blue sky and the bright light. I had expected the fjell to be complete red coloured in this time of the year, but we were a bit to late for that. You have to come the last week of september to see this.
But also now it was so beautifull coloured everywhere.

Tour 1.......monday 17th

We made a roundtour around the lake Totak ( E134 and way 362). The E134 leads from Oslo to Haugesund on the west coast, is an important route , but far from a highway.

Tour 2.......tuesday 18th

Today the sunrise was even more beautifull than yesterday. This is the sunrise from the first photo above. And again it was a beautifull sunny day.
From Raulands fjellhytter to Rjukan and then over the fjellroad to Sauland ( E134) and from Nutheim the smaller road back to Rauland.

Tour 3.......wednesday 19th
The route is road 38 to Dalen in the south, and from there road 45 to the Setesdal. Then to Haukeligrend and the E134 eastwards and road 37 back to Rauland.

Tour 4.......thursday 20th
This morning it was dark and a bit rainy. So we cancelled the plan to go to Numedal and the fjellstation Langedrag to see the lynxes there. It would have been a trip of more than 300 kilometers.
We decided to go to Rjukan instead and do some shopping. But we never arrived there; the road was a bit slippery and to reach Rjukan we had to take many and steep S-curves. It was to risky without wintertires. We went back and did the shopping in the town south of Rauland and Rauland itself ( not very interesting shops however)
Today we could have gone to a museum, but they all were closed. Only the paintings in the hotell, eg. from Dyre Vaa, could be seen. They are a bit type of Munch paintings and also from that period.

morningred Fridaymorning.....the last morning in the hytte. It was still cloudy but the sun was also there. And then .....the upcoming sun lightened the had snowed up there...

We drove back to Algarheim, north of Oslo, to have some days at Ina's house too.

photo left: before Notodden and cloudy.
photo right: Oslofjord and sunny.

Sundaymorning.....Algarheim, home of Ina Selte and cattery Selteteigen.
Saturday and in the night it had snowed a bit.I like snow very this was a nice present..
We had a really good holiday, with all types of weather.
End of the morning we left Ina. Our ferry from Göteborg to Kiel would leave at 19.30 and we were not sure about the weather.
But the roads were OK and after Oslo there was no snow any more.

more photo's on the following pages...

Tour 1.......monday 17th

Tour 2.......tuesday 18th

Tour 3.......wednesday 19th

Tour 4.......thursday 20th