Groningse vlag



Our house is built on 1400 m2 ground, the most of it is behind the house and a bit on both sides, but not on the streetside. The backgarden is really big. And behind it there is a small old railway where in summer the old steamtrain runs away.
The very big trees are on the other side of that railway.
This photo was made on the meantime all the grass has grown now..

On the photo's below you can see the situation from september 2003 till now. We removed many shrubs and perennials to make space. When we bought the house in September 2003 the whole garden was overfilled with many shrubs and perennials, and on small grass paths we could walk through the garden....but after rain it wasn't possible without getting very wet.
On the upper left photo you see a big conifere and the the new terrace ends where that hedge and conifere were.
So, in the front part is terrace now. The grass path went further on the left side of the shrubs... see also the middle left photo. All those shrubs were removed except the last one ...that one is still a bit flowering on that photo ( Weigelia). But also this Weigelia will get another place , when possible.
On the middle right photo...all this mess is gone now, only the Birchtree is still there with 2 shrubs next to him, but also these will go. It was a lot of work because in the past the owners of this house have thrown many old building-stones and more of such things there and put some ground over it ... called it rockgarden :-)) On this photo you have a look towards the old path ( see the washing-line ??) This winter we will have a big grassfield with only 3-4 trees on it.

The border left to the old path is smaller now and the buxushedge is replaced somewhere back in the garden. The new stonepath is on the left side from where the buxushedge was. On the big photo you can see where the old path was, thats the new grass coming. And on the pergola will grow nice roses and clematis. It is connected to the big catrun on the leftside.

Now we have a wide panorama from the terrace....from here you can see how big this garden really is. And the old grass path was roughly in the middle, there is much more garden to the left side. From the house to the beginning of the terrace is 15 the end of the garden about 60 meters. The garden width is 20 is really a nice piece of ground. Our former house was built on only 220 m2 ...

The next four photo's are of the right side of the grassfield. The upper left photo is taken in september 2003, the others in may/juli 2005. Somewhere in the middle of the upper right photo you see a flowering apple tree ( not so big on this moment); it is a very nice shaped tree. Behind that apple tree we plan to dig a pond next year. On the moment it is a yellow flowering border.

The first of the following 4 photo's is taken in september 2003 , the other 3 are from may/july 2005. Some of the shrubs found another place in the was really to much.
The first photo has been taken from the same place as the next photo... the other 2 also, but now towards the horse-meadow on the right. And the train is also on the picture...
The vegetable garden will be smaller next year; we also planted a chestnut-tree on the end of it ( such a big garden must really have such a tree). Where the yellow border is on this moment we will dig the pond, right in to the vegetable garden... it has to be a nice big pond. All the perennials will find an other place around the pond or somewhere else in the garden.

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